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Happy 24 Jay! This is not the best gif, but I do it with love. 
I love this man, because there’re a lot of reasons!
First, he’s the best idol that we can have, he’s so adorable with everybody. He loves skittes, girls, sing, Tia, us (fans and girlfriends that he doesn’t know lol) and more.
He’s a good guy. He’s voice is perfect as the sound of the birds.
Thank you to be who you are, thank you Jay.


♡Happy 24th Birthday Jay ♡
24 Reasons Why I Love Jay:

1. He’s just all round amazing
2.His singing is perfect
3. That mop of hair is wonderful, I’ve always wanted to play with it
4. The lizard obsession.
5. He’s always cracking a joke.
6. His tweets are legen-wait for it- dary.
7. He’s so supportive of everyone
8. Wheres jay today?
9. He’s my spirit animal
10. He’s alway losing his phone.
11. He’s a book lover
12. We both share a love for animals, although im not vegetarian.
13. The fact that he didn’t know how he would cope without The Wanted, makes me realise how much I love him and the boys
14. His eyes. Oh my .
15. His tattoos. Pwarr
16. The legs on that boy are. Wow just wow
18. the connections he has with the boys. Its soo cute
19. #Thursjay
20. He’s a ball of sunshine
21. I’ve watched him grow up
22. His dance moves
23. When him and Nathan dressed up as girls in the LMM video set

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